My Story
By a KellyBronze turkey

We are KellyBronze Free Range Turkeys.  We are more than Free Range Bronze Turkeys, we are Bred To Be Wild!

Our Ancestors originated from Mexico and settled in Great Britain in the early 1500s.

My UK family can be traced to Scotland, Wales and England.

In the 1950s our family nearly became extinct due to the modern white turkey taking over. People did not like the little black feathers in our skin.

Luckily the Kelly Family saw just how wonderful we were and rescued us to give us our own “Turkey reservation” in the county of Essex.

For the last 30 years we have had our home in Danbury, and in recent years now have cousins staying with several other KellyBronze farmers throughout the country.

My favourite treat is nettles and I also love locally grown cereals. Of course I do not take any growth promoters or antibiotics.

We have an exceptional pedigree and all share the same family traditions and have an amazing way of life.